Yoyosno Booking Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions of this document together with your confirmation of booking letter for your holiday comprise your agreement between Yoyosno and all those in your group. No contract exists until payment of deposit and a signed declaration form is received and processed and a confirmation of booking has been sent.



Once Yoyosno has confirmed availability, they will hold the accommodation for a period of 7 days, in which time they must receive a completed deposit of 20% of the total amount and a signed declaration form. The total amount outstanding must then be paid in full 10 weeks prior to the arrival date. If the booking is made less than 10 weeks prior to arrival date then the full amount is due at the time of booking. You can make payment via bank transfer.


It is your responsibility to read your Booking Form carefully and inform Yoyosno of any mistakes or discrepancies. If any of your details change you must inform Yoyosno immediately. 



Yoyosno Ski &Yoga Retreat price stated is for 7 nights half board accommodation including lift pass, airport transfers and ski and yoga tuition.  Prices do not include ski hire, insurance or childcare. At the time of printing our prices are true and correct, however we do reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices at any time. Yoyosno do guarantee the price of the holiday as quoted at the time of booking.  It is your responsibility to read your Booking Form carefully and inform Yoyosno of any mistakes or discrepancies.



If you wish to change your booking we will do our very best to accommodate the change, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.



An invoice will be sent to you 12 weeks prior to your arrival date showing you the remainder of the balance due on your holiday.  This must be paid no less than 10 weeks prior to your arrival date.  If the final balance is not received within 10 weeks of your arrival date Yoyosno reserves the rights to cancel the booking and any deposits paid will be forfeited.


We will make every effort to contact you within this period but if payment is not made Yoyosno reserves the right to re-book the place on the retreat without further notice.  



Yoyosno reserves the right to make alterations or cancel a booking entirely and refund all monies paid. Whilst Yoyosno will endeavour to make every effort that this does not happen, if it is completely unavoidable, Yoyosno will contact you immediately.  If this does happen we will offer a full refund of the retreat price. Yoyosno accepts no legal liability, will pay no other form compensation and will not reimburse any flight costs or ski hire costs incurred by you.


No form of compensation or refund will be paid if a cancellation is caused by events amounting to Force Majeure (Force Majeure such as warfare, riots, civil unrest, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, weather, ski resort closure, lack of snow, road closures, including access roads to Morzine, epidemics, natural or technical disasters, nuclear war or similar events outwith our control.)



You or any member of your party may cancel your holiday at any time providing that you make the cancellation in writing/email. Yoyosno accepts no responsibility for non-delivery or non-receipt of the written cancellation.  The date of the cancellation will be the date that Yoyosno receives the cancellation letter.  In this case your deposit will always be retained and cancellation charges levied as follows:

More than 10 weeks before commencement of retreat: 20% of total retreat cost (deposit)

10 to 6 weeks before commencement of retreat: 50% of total retreat cost

6 to 4 weeks before commencement of retreat: 75% of total retreat cost

4 or less weeks before commencement of retreat: 100% of total retreat cost



It is a condition of booking that you have adequate travel insurance to cover you for the period whilst you are on holiday with Yoyosno. We recommend that if you are not already covered that you take out a policy at the same time you book your holiday.



Due to Chalet Belle Chery being self-catered at other times of the winter season, Yoyosno will take no responsibility for dietary or allergy requirements.  If you have a severe allergy we strongly recommend you take all necessary precautions. Each property is professionally cleaned weekly, however we cannot guarantee that traces of potentially harmful ingredients (such as nut products) are completely removed from the kitchen area and surfaces.



Yoyosno does not accept any liability for, or pay compensation for:

  • Any event or circumstance that Yoyosno could not foresee or avoid, amounting to Force Majeure, as defined in clause 6 above.

  • Any financial loss or damage to property suffered to you, the customer, other than due to negligence by the company.  Any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property, nor in respect of any equipment, machinery or appliance in the property or garden. Any cancellation, loss, delay or costs arising from or connected with adverse weather conditions, avalanche, land slides, snow conditions and the affect these have on the travel arrangements, accommodation or activities.

  • Any limitations imposed by the resort authorities, ski lift operators, or the ski hire operator. Any loss or damage or inconvenience caused to the customer if the chalet is damaged or destroyed before the start of the holiday, in such an event Yoyosno will endeavour to refund all sums previously paid in respect of the holiday.

  • Any personal injury or death to the customer for the duration of their stay. Yoyosno’s liability to the customer will never exceed the amount paid by the customer.



All guests should act in a manner as to not affect or disrupt the enjoyment of the other guests in the chalet, the neighbours or the local residents or have a negative affect on the reputation of Yoyosno. This includes excessive noise within the chalet, especially after 9pm.  All guests must not threaten the condition of the chalet.  The chalet must be left in the same condition as it was at the start of your holiday.


Yoyosno reserves the rights to recover from our customers the cost of breakages, damages or theft caused by the customers. If the behaviour of the customers seriously impairs the enjoyment of other paying customers then Yoyosno reserves the rights to refuse to further accommodate the guilty party and contractual agreement with said party will cease to exist.



At the time of going to press, the format of our retreats have been confirmed by the respective instructors. If, for any reason, an instructor becomes unavailable we shall do our utmost to replace them with a leader of similar qualities. Wherever possible you will be advised in advance of any alterations.

All our retreats run to a timely schedule, although none of the activities are compulsory. If you would like to change ski shuttles to suit yourself and the rest of your own party we can assist in arranging taxis however this will be at your own expense. Yoga class timings cannot be changed.


Yoyosno Ski & Yoga retreats include transfers to and from the airport. We will arrange a private minibus to and from Geneva airport to Chalet Belle Chery. The private bus will leave the airport on arrival day at approximately 3:30pm, and two buses will return to Geneva on departure day, leaving the chalet at approximately 6am and 10am. It is your responsibility to book flights that coincide with these times. If you cannot arrange a flight that will allow you to make use of this service then we will place you on a shared transfer service. If however you would like us to arrange a private transfer service for you, we can do so at the supplementary cost of £180. Please contact us before you book your flights and we can assist you with the timings to prevent long waits for anybody at the airport. Please note that on return to Geneva airport from the chalet you will need to allow 4 hours from when you are collected from the chalet to your flight departure time.


Alcohol is permitted in the chalet. We will serve wine and beer with dinner but it will not be available out with dinner service. If you would like us to arrange a delivery of alcohol for your own consumption to the chalet please speak to a member of the Yoyosno team on arrival, however this will be at your own expense.



I give my permission to Yoyosno to use sports action or team photographs and/or video footage of myself in various activities during the Yoyosno Ski & Yoga Retreat for marketing materials including but not limited to, brochures, flyers, and on the Yoyosno website and social media including but not limited to Instagram and Facebook. I waive any claim to monetary compensation in any form from Yoyosno.

Certification of Physical Fitness to Participate


1. I understand that a risk of participating in any physical activity, including yoga and skiing, is the risk of injury, including but not limited to serious permanent injury, paralysis, and death. To minimize the risk of injury, I agree to obey all safety rules and to report fully any problems related to my physical condition to the instructors as soon as the problem arises.


2. By signing the declaration form, I certify the following:

a. That I am not currently under the care of a doctor for an injury or illness that would prevent my safe participation in the Yoyosno Ski & Yoga Retreat.

b. That I am not currently being treated for or recovering from an orthopaedic injury what would prevent my safe participation in the Yoyosno Ski & Yoga Retreat.

c. That I have no history of fainting or other problems related to strenuous exercises.

d. That I am in good health and there is no reason I cannot safely participate in strenuous physical activity.


3. I hereby authorize the staff of Yoyosno to act for myself, according to their best judgment, in providing or arranging for emergency circumstances requiring medical attention. I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to determine the nature of Yoyosno Ski & Yoga Retreats and the manner in which it will be conducted and/or having waived the right to obtain such knowledge, do hereby assume all risks arising from or connected with skiing and yoga. I release Yoyosno and their instructors, from all liability of any kind or nature, whether caused in any way by negligence of the released parties or not, arising from my participation in any activities, including but not limited to, skiing and yoga.


4. I understand that participating in a Yoyosno Ski & Yoga Retreat is entirely at my own risk. That a week of yoga and skiing can lead to a new empowered, relaxed state that may be detrimental to that feeling of being stressed out and unable to cope. In addition, experiencing the energy and power of the mountains may change my opinion of myself – which may inspire me to ski on big mountains and indulge in future adventurous escapades.